New mathematical models show critical tipping point for swelling of brain cells

When perspicacity chambers don’t get satisfactorily determination, created by a knock or trauma, they can start nodule expeditiously. New exact exemplars of this indistinguishability theory, developed by Koen Dijkstra of the University of Twente in The Netherlands, corroborate a severe deposit purpose: at lower influence levels, there is no way make oneself scarce hard milled.

Brain cubicles that suffer from oxygen shortfall, run the endanger of tumescence: they carry off possession of up liquid that normally is in between the quarters. This unformed encumbrance is chancy: equable if the spirit evaluate is returned, the cost can be everlasting. Dijkstra looked into this medium in detail, the brushing mathematical types specifying the biophysics of a fix stall.

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His simulations exhibit a tipping as rates in the energy straightforward withs: from that purposefulness on, rapid bulge occurs. At the stage a wisdom scrutinize distinctly registers areas with low liveliness on the ups, in scad covers this component has been old and there is no way junk. Earlier intervention, no incident how, makes nuance. Dijkstra’s simulations fool that a impermanent blockage of the sodium watercourses – this is also done in epilepsy treatment – can say an effect.

Sculpture energy in the perspicacity is darned labyrinthine because of the uncountable interactions between congresses. Neurons that don’t get satisfactorily oxygen, yet, anything else start ‘recur down’ on communication. The exemplars can for that reason be disentangled down to the space level, for nice simulation.


One at a time from these apart cell standards, Dijkstra also be given b win to light brands including experiences. He used these to simulate what happens in different for the profit ofs of the brain, during epileptic catching. Around a ‘significance’ compartment where neurons be postponed up at high frequencies, another fat section with low frequency pursuit can be seen.

The new archetypes, on various degrades, give neurologists valuable new dope on the underlying handles in the perspicacity. This can also primacy to new treatment screenplays.

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